The Rook - The Tower

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ARCHITECTURAL MODEL KIT/3D PUZZLE. English Instructions Provided In The Box. MEDIEVAL EUROPEAN CASTLE GATEHOUSE WITH CATAPULT & WALLS WITH HOARDINGS THE ROOK is a combination of various components of a castle that include two flanking towers, a bridge walkway, arched pathway, turrets, watch towers, balconies, garderobes, stables and a working mini ballista on top. This model allows you to create a
range of combinations by itself because of our modular design and can be combined with other models in the castle series like the Barbican to expand your city or fortify your castle defenses further. The top of the Rook is removable much like a lid and allows access to the interiors. The flanking towers are defensive elements in a castle designed to protect the front side and the wings of the adjacent section of the defensive circuit. The
watchtower’s purpose is to provide a safe place at a height for guards to observe the surrounding area.