The Barbican (The Gatehouse with walls)

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ARCHITECTURAL MODEL KIT/3D PUZZLE. English Instructions Provided In The Box. MEDIEVAL EUROPEAN CASTLE GATEHOUSE WITH CATAPULT & WALLS WITH HOARDINGS THE BARBICAN is a fortified gatehouse in a castle or city walls. This kit allows you to build a detailed working model of a Medieval European Barbican. "The enemy is sighted!" Raise the drawbridge, lower the portcullis and batten the doors. This model features a drawbridge that can be raised or lowered, a portcullis that has a ratchet mechanism using which it can be raised up and locked in place or dropped by a gentle push. Behind the portcullis is an openable main door with a smaller pedestrian door. Located on the roof is a siege engine called an onager. The onager swivels on a 360 degree mount and can be used to launch projectiles. Machicolations with murder holes allowed the defenders to drop rocks or pour boiling oil onto the heads of attackers. A removable roof allows easy access to the interior. The Barbican set comes with two modular wall units with wooden hoardings on the upper level. These hoardings were installed when a siege was expected and provided extra cover to defenders. Environmentally responsible wood based material has been used in the manufacture of this kit. The paint used in this kit is non-toxic and is safe to handle.