Juggernaut (Siege Engine - Siege Tower)

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CONSTRUCTION MODEL KIT/3D PUZZLE. English Instructions Provided In The Box. THE JUGGERNAUT is a medieval siege tower designed with a singular purpose - to breach the enemy’s fortifications. The juggernaut is propelled by a team of burly men and or beasts of burden, usually while taking fire from defending enemy archers. The siege tower usually moves at a snails pace till it is within reach of the enemy’s walls. Once in position,
the drawbridge is dropped into place on top of the enemy’s walls which allows the men at arms hidden within to infiltrate the enemy’s defenses. An upper deck on the juggernaut provides a secure position from which friendly archers can provide suppressing fire.

  • DO IT YOURSELF model making kit.
  • No Glue, No Paint, No Tool Required, Sturdy and Durable
  • Friction Fit Parts
  • Openable Drawbridge
  • Liftable Roof
  • Moveable Wheels
  • Difficulty Level : Medium