BEHEMOTH (Siege Weapon - Battering Ram)

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CONSTRUCTION MODEL KIT/3D PUZZLE. English Instructions Provided In The Box. BEHEMOTH kit allows you to build a replica of a medieval battering ram. The roof of the ram is made up of roughly cut timber planks that offered protection from enemy arrows and stones thrown from their ramparts. In medieval times, the wooden planks would usually be covered with animal hide to provide some protection against fire arrows. In this kit, the roof is open-able allowing the user to view the parts inside. In this kit, the motion of the ram is simulated through a spring loaded mechanism. Push the ram head back until it clicks against the firing trigger. Press the firing trigger down to release the ram.

  • DO IT YOURSELF model making kit.
  • No Glue, No Paint, No Tool Required, Sturdy and Durable.
  • Friction Fit Parts, Firing Trigger.
  • Difficulty Level : Easy