Scorpion (Siege Weapon - Ballista)

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CONSTRUCTION MODEL KIT/3D PUZZLE. English Instructions Provided In The Box. Siege Engine THE BALLISTA was the artillery of the ancient world. With the precision parts in this kit you too can build and operate working models of two ballistae. For target practice, a silhouette of a dragon has been provided for target practice, it can be knocked down and re-erected. This ballista features a slide to lock bowstring, a working trigger and a rack to store ready to use projectiles. Torsion power is provided using a rubber band.
The Ballista had its origins in ancient Greece and was the artillery of the ancient world. This siege engine was designed to hurl stones or spears over long distances, useful for attacking fortifications or enemy units at ranges greater than what could be achieved by regular archers. The ballista utilized the torsion power generated by twisted skeins to rapidly move lever arms that would hurl projectiles using a rope. The lever arms would be brought back into battery by using a winch and ratchet. Ballistae varied in size from small man portable devices to large immobile units that were built in situ.

  • DO IT YOURSELF model making kit, Material: Pre-painted (non-toxic) wood
  • FRICTION FIT parts - No Glue, No Paint, No Tool Required, Sturdy and Durable
  • Firing Trigger, Target to aim, Sturdy, Durable, Realistic design
  • Effective Range Up to 7 meters, Difficulty Level : Medium
  • 78 pieces ; Assembly Time: 2 hours: Difficulty Level : Medium ; Age group 10+