WOW! Having assembled the unit from Amazon, I cannot express how impressed I am with these earlier units. The finish, both Interior & Exterior, the incredible tolerances used to allow the press-fit assembly and the way they label the parts with a Sheet and Piece designation, are all major improvements over your competition. I have assembled products from 4Ground, TeXRex & Sally4th. None of them hold up in comparison to the these early IBuiltIt products. I can’t wait to see the improvements offered in the next generation.

-Layne Featherngill

This model was one of my first and I absolutely love it. It has amazing details, but wasn't overly complicated to put together. I will be purchasing all of the models in this set.

-M. Wilks

The Ballista kit was wonderful to build and fun to use in gaming! It was easy to follow the instructions and provided a nice evening of enjoyment. This kit is a double so building it with a family member or friend building the other is a plus. I also liked the bit of history of these weapons. Highly recommended!

-Kerry Brenstuhl